User Help Guide

Temporary Vehicle

Dear User,

Following the allocation of a temporary vehicle and with the aim of clarifying possible doubts that may remain about the use of this service, we invite you to consult the following set of questions and answers:


What documents should remain inside the vehicle?

The following documents must be kept inside the vehicle at all times:

  • Unique Automobile Document (DUA);
  • Mandatory Periodic Inspection (If applicable);
  • Provisional certificate or Letter of insurance.


In the event of an accident, who should I call?

You can call the Claims Support Line / Travel Assistance at: 00351 213 102 450 / 00351 218 543 191 (00351 prefix is needed only if calling from abroad)

You must also complete the Accident Mutual Friendly Statement and send it by email to:

For information requests about claims, you can use the email:

If the claim involves a third party, it is advisable to contact the competent local authorities.


The insurance is nearing its expiry date, should I inform VWFS?

VWFS is responsible for ensuring that the insurance letter is valid and is renewed in a timely fashion whenever applicable.

If you have not received said document up to 5 working days prior to the end date of the current insurance letter, you can request a duplicate from your Commercial Manager.


What to do if the car requires maintenance / breaks down / a warning light appears on the dashboard / AdBlue needs replacing / tire needs replacing?

You should call the driver support line, and request a vehicle maintenance appointment, via 00351 217 225 591.


Is the Replacement Car Service included in this contract?

The Replacement Car Service is not included. If necessary, you should contact your fleet manager or your commercial manager.


When returning the vehicle, how are damages assessed and charged?

At the beginning of the contract, a copy of an expert report is delivered detailing existing damages. Upon returning the vehicle, a new assessment is carried out to determine if any additional damage exists, in which case this is charged to the customer.

The manual of the status and procedure for returning the vehicle can be viewed through the QR Code available on the cover provided with the vehicle documentation.


Who should I contact for clarifications regarding the use of the vehicle?

If you have any questions regarding the use of the vehicle, you should contact your Commercial Manager.


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